The world of corporate travel has changed over the last few years and as companies have sought new and exciting ways of planning their private events, meetings and conferences, we have grown to meet the demands.

We have worked with a whole range of large and small companies and institutions to provide events that ranged from one-off dinners or meetings to complex multi-day ‘retreats’ that included active components, spousal events and themes that go from high-level cultural to gastronomic and wine.

We often provide an international dimension to already established conference planners and in-house meeting organisers. Large companies rely on our global contacts to provide knowledgeable staff on the ground, hotel and transport arrangements and all manner of added activities ranging from full spousal itineraries to optional pre and post-trip itineraries.

The size of groups we have worked with have ranged from the smaller board of directors to the larger 200+ attendees conference.

We have worked in all major European cities and continue to cultivate excellent working relations with all the best luxury hotels and conferences facilities in Italy, France, Portugal the UK and Spain.

An innovative offering in our portfolio is our unique ability to propose complex active international events that can included biking, hiking and even sailing. Companies have been able to enjoy their meetings and yearly conferences around an active program that could see the attendees cycling in the French countryside, sailing in the Solent in private regattas or even driving a Ferrari around Tuscany.

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