Our Responsibility

At Passeport we realise the important role played by the tourism industry as a means of bringing people together and as an efficient tool for the redistribution of wealth all over the world. Our social policy ensures that the people you meet on our tours greatly benefit from your visit and that their home is always treated with respect.

We also understand that tourism is one of the main contributors to global CO2 emissions and for that reason we believe in operating with a strict environmental policy and also support a number of projects designed to clean up tourism and promote a cleaner travel experience for everyone.


What do we do for the Environment?

We work as hard as possible to forge new relationship with ecologically aware suppliers. We try to use only the most modern transport companies and when we have a choice we will always pick the airline with the best environmental policy as well as the hotel with the best social and ecological approach.

We run an incredibly efficient and completely carbon free office and thanks to the miracle of modern communications we allow our staff to work from home if they want to, further cutting on emissions. We only use recycled paper and maintain whatever files possible in electronic format.

Thanks to our environmental partners, we are regularly involved in the sponsoring of ecologically-aware projects.


What do we do for society?

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”.

It is an old adage, but it still holds very true. We often organise special events in private homes but we also believe that anywhere we go is someone's home, for that reason we always encourage the utmost respect.

Our destinations always benefit from our visit. We only ever use local guides; they hold the key to local knowledge.

We are involved in a number of local cultural projects and sometimes it becomes a great addition to our trips, visiting a local community project can be eye-opening and provides a great source of pride for our hosts. We encourage the use of all things local, not only for the great social and environmental aspect but also because it is the only way to see and understand the local community.


What we do for you...

Before the trip even starts, every passenger is given a detailed destination information guide in the form of a personalised booklet. In the booklet you will find: political and social information on the destination, details of the tour, guide on how and why you should buy local and a short but interesting environmental travel guide.